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12/08/2012 5:34pm

@RunMizzou11 Thanks for checking in!

12/08/2012 5:33pm

Yup! RT @lady_weetly: Just heard on the radio that Tegan and Sara will be playing a free show at the Cubby Bear.

12/08/2012 4:02pm

@JacobBalson Bring it!

12/08/2012 3:48pm

Thanks homey! RT @JDalfonso: @cubbybear you guys rock! #newfollower

12/08/2012 3:33pm

If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now.

12/08/2012 2:24pm

Swell. RT @goforschatan: Dick in a Box @cubbybear #tbox http://t.co/BSBvwNdx

12/08/2012 2:23pm

Beautiful! RT @schuyler22: Cubby Bear! @ Cubby Bear http://t.co/atGu97Ja

12/08/2012 2:23pm

@McGrathComm @chitownjess #TBOX!

12/08/2012 2:22pm

Hi Pat! RT @pattomasulo: Please get home alive. RT@ShanMo25 Happy Tbox!! Just saw u interviewing someone in front of cubby bear!!

12/08/2012 2:22pm

@ohhhpreetig Thanks for checking in!