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12/19/2012 10:24pm

Rock on! http://t.co/NT0SB5Iy

12/19/2012 10:17pm

Tegan & Sara take the stage! http://t.co/CrNfSQqB

12/19/2012 10:07pm

Q87.7 representing at Tegan & Sara! http://t.co/NjspWY8a

12/19/2012 9:47pm

Getting set up for Tegan & Sara! http://t.co/DUWWXy4d

12/19/2012 9:15pm

Have fun! “@LauranBerta: Blast from the past: Tegan and Sara at @cubbybear - who wants to keep me company while @willbyington works?”

12/19/2012 8:48pm

Sorry :/ “@MTVMadeMeDoThis: @Q877Chicago @teganandsara @cubbybear wish i could be there! siiiiiiigggghhhhhh </AgeRestrictions3”

12/19/2012 8:03pm

Ready?!? Lets do it! “@Q877Chicago: @TeganandSara before our #NoDough Show @CubbyBear. http://t.co/6xdHAHpA”

12/19/2012 8:02pm

Nice! “@kamthom: waiting for @teganandsara w/ @DadaIsGalletas at @cubbybear http://t.co/roY19c8h”

12/19/2012 5:30pm

Q87.7 van in the lot = good times ahead. http://t.co/erYO2ql3

12/19/2012 3:29pm

Line already starting to form for Tegan and Sara tonight! These guys are all smiles! http://t.co/5kbAQzni